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Elle Rose & Carter learn that there's a cost to be the boss.

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Newlyweds Elle Rose and Carter are blazing trails in the software field while navigating the challenging waters of marriage, parenthood and "bossing", but when they take on a project that threatens the billion-dollar cancer industry, it's a power move that may cost them their lives.

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Starring: Jessica B. Smith, Shaun McMillan, Suzan Norton, Kit Ferguson, Jean-Marc Mavinga, James Sims, Evit Emerson, Ben Dawson

Supporting: Iroko Anyogu, Amanda Silver, Marki Henderson, Michael Mau, Fergie DiO, Carmel Tajeddini, Cleveland Wilson, Solomon Debreaux, Paul Woolverton, Marie Clemons, Melissa Damas

Writer/Director/Producer: Jessica B. Smith

Executive Producer: Mary L. Matthews

DP: Soheil Tajeddini

Productions Houses: Writesmith Productions, Torch Film Productions, and Pro You Production

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Episode 1: Issues


Elle Rose and Carter are newlyweds navigating the challenging waters of marriage, parenthood, and work. Already, they're hitting some stumbling blocks. Carter wants Elle Rose to stay on maternity leave, but Elle Rose has other plans. Back at the office, Carter works in the midst of temptation but he's determined not to resort to old ways.

Photo Cred: Jessica B. Smith (Elle Rose) and Shaun McMillan (Carter)

Episode 2: No More Secrets


There's trouble in paradise when Elle Rose's master-plan backfires. Meanwhile, Shecre's relationship hits turbulence over her acting career. Gaining traction on the outskirts of their lives is an assassin who's well skilled at making sure that progress in the health field only goes but so far.

Photo Cred: Suzan Norton (Peri)

Episode 3: Respect Her Queendom

$1.99 $1.49 (Hot Sale!)

Elle Rose finally returns to work and wastes no time in putting Peri in her place. Dr. Coley is frustrated that what he's doing in the medical field isn't enough. Meanwhile, one determined detective is focused on proving that there's more to the doctors' deaths than what meets the eye.

Photo Cred: Jessica B. Smith (Elle Rose) and Shaun McMillan (Carter)

Episode 4: The Text

$1.99 $1.49 (Hot Sale!)

Carter gets a text at work that throws off his "boss" game, and Shecre finds an engagement ring that throws her whole world into question. Meanwhile, the assassin Ben gladly mixes business with pleasure even as the detectives close in on him.

Photo Cred: Ben Dawson (Noah) and Kit Ferguson (Shecre)

Episode 5: Cuddle

$1.99 $1.49 (Hot Sale!)

Love can be complicated. Noah quickly realizes this as he plans the perfect proposal dinner for girlfriend Shecre. Roland realizes this as he and wife Tiffany iron out a few marital kinks. And Dr. Don's assistant realizes it as she falls more and more for her boss. Meanwhile, Elle Rose and Carter are on Cloud 9, enjoying this moment in their marriage.

Photo Cred: Evit Emerson (Roland) and Marie Clemons (Tiffany)

Episode 6: Out of Your Element

$1.99 $1.49 (Hot Sale!)

Ellison struggles with grief and his alcohol addiction, while Carter gets an unexpected opportunity to mentor troubled youth, which brings him face to face with one of his greatest challenges yet. When he tries to reach a young kid named Bogey who's been hardened by life, Carter's the one who becomes the student.

Photo Cred: James Sims (Ellison)

Episode 7: Price of Passion (Season Finale)

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Elle Rose and Carter are feeling the pressure on their company, in their marriage, and in their household. Faced with life-changing decisions, these newlyweds fumble the delicate balance between love, passion and pressure as they pursue two different agendas. In both their pursuits, one thing remains the same: choices carry consequences and passion has a price.

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Elle Rose Movie

Two friends. One plan. It was never supposed to be love!

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Elle Rose and Carter are bossing in every aspect of their lives but failing miserably at love. They decide to fake a romance to give a special woman in their life her dying wish, but actually falling for each other was never part of the plan.

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Run Time: 1hr 40min

Starring: Jessica B. Smith, Shaun McMillan, Jean-Marc Mavinga, James Sims, Morgan Lipscomb, Marki Henderson and Sandra Stokes

Writer/Director/Producer: Jessica B. Smith

Executive Producer: Mary Dangerfield

DP: Albert Green & Soheil John Tajeddini

Production Houses: Writesmith Productions, 3rd i Multimedia, Torch Film Productions

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